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Period Underwear - Bikini

Period Underwear - Bikini

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Ever Luna Period Underwear - Bamboo Cotton Brief

Stay comfortable and confident during your period with our Period Underwear. Made from soft, absorbent fabric, our underwear is designed to replace traditional pads and tampons, providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. Our Period Underwear is perfect for overnight use with with its leak protection from the gusset to the back waistband!


Absorbent: Our Period Underwear is made from a soft, absorbent fabric that keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Comfortable: Designed for comfort and flexibility, our underwear moves with your body and provides all-day comfort.

Leak-proof: Our Period Underwear features leak-proof technology that helps to prevent leaks and keep you feeling confident and secure.


Material: Cotton, French Cotton Lace
Absorbency: Moderate to Heavy  equivalent to 4 pads worth of absorbency.  

Care Instructions:

To care for your period underwear, simply wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. Machine Wash in a laundry bag also CAN! Do not use fabric softener or bleach, as this can damage the absorbent layers.

How is it Eco-Friendly?

Our Period Underwear is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons, which can contribute to environmental pollution and waste. By using our underwear, you can reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability in your menstrual routine. More importantly, have a more comfortable period!

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